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It is used as a raw material in the…
It’s a preservative from benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide….
Surfactant for detergents, shampoo, bubble baths, and textile detergents….
Compatible with cationic aqueous solutions….
It is an alcohol derived from pantothenic acid….
Mineral oil. Odorless and transparent liquid. Mineral oil is…
It is a non-ionic polymer—stabilizer of emulsions and dispersions…
It acts as an advanced system of synergistic blends…
Wetting/ foaming agent. It is used to decrease surface…
Ethoxylated Alcohol. It is used in the cleaning industry….
Detergent, moisturizer, and thickener with antistatic properties for cosmetics….
Compatible with cationic aqueous solutions….
It is a vegetable oil extracted from the seed…
It is used to manufacture diethanolamine and diethanolamine salts…


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